Merry hot and steamy Christmas

My naivety can often get me in tough situations. Like this one, when I blindly said “yes” to review a Christmas production without reading the title of the show… my bad.

A Very Naughty Christmas is named rightly so. Woodward Productions have successfully created a nude extravaganza that is most certainly naughty, crude and in the spirit of Christmas, a little risqué.

Opening night was all in good fun. The crowd was electric and extremely loud, in glitter as well as volume. Drinks and photos were on offer to pass the time before we entered a surprisingly smokey theatre.

The fog machine upon entrance was an interesting touch, as well as the large sign warning patrons of the “implied nudity” and sexual toned behaviour we were about to witness.

The opening act was clever and humorous. The stage setup was an innovative use of the intimate space the Alex Theatre in St Kilda has to offer. The surprise entrance by Tim Paige as Santa was hilarious and perfectly timed.

PHOTO: James Terry

After witnessing the artistic number by Joe Kalou in Women’s Underwear, the feeling of unease finally took over me.

And when Santa kindly let the audience know that the two exits from the theatre were “locked”, the reality of my situation finally set in.

I was about to sit through an hour and a half’s worth of skin, bottoms, and lingerie… with a Christmas carol soundtrack!

A few jokes felt a little tired. A lot of my laughs were out of sheer shock rather than the hilarity of it all, but the stage quality was incredible and the lighting cues were perfectly timed to a point I cannot fault.

The sound was a little muffled at some points but nothing more than you would expect on opening night.

The band was especially amazing. Martine Wengrow was outstanding on the piano and she paced the performance so well.

Throughout the entire production, each performer remained professional and extremely talented, with special mentions to the apt comedic timing from Shay Debney and the perfect Aussie Santa portrayal by Tim Paige.

PHOTO: James Terry

Whenever Shay entered the stage I let out a sigh of relief, thankful for calm amidst plenty of chaos.

Jordan Twigg was also brilliant and brought another level of vocal talent to the show.

If you are willing to give A Very Naughty Christmas a go, all I can say is, don’t take it too seriously, be prepared for a lot more than just “implied’ nudity and plenty of laughs.

But if you’re a tad old-fashioned and conservative, a traditional Christmas concert or Carols by Candlelight might be a safer bet.

A Very Naughty Christmas is at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda until December 23. Tickets can be purchased HERE.



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