Meet the hilarious musical comedy that makes repetition enjoyable

PHOTO: Jeff Busby

For some, the idea of watching the same scene on repeat for two hours straight sounds like hell on earth. But when it comes to Groundhog Day the Musical, I’ll happily hear “Hello Woodchuck Chuckers” every morning.

Tim Minchin proves his genius once again with this incredible musical feat. Adding to the work of writer Danny Rubin’s much-loved and hilarious original story, Minchin has crafted a slew of musical numbers to keep the repetitive from being just that.

‘Small Town, USA’ one, two and three were as exciting as the first time we heard it. Thanks to Matthew Warchus’ phenomenal direction and eye-catching choreography by Lizzy Gee, there was always something new to keep the audience intrigued.

Groundhog Day the Musical wouldn’t be quite so special if not for the incredible performance of what seems to be the one and only true Phil Connors, Andy Karl.

It’s Karl’s third time reprising the role after its stint at The Old Vic in London and on Broadway. He encapsulates everything we love and hate about Phil Connors from the film perfectly into a theatrical form.

His vocal talent is extraordinary and his stage presence is undeniably astounding.

Elise McCann is a sublime Rita – quick-witted with stunning vocals. Her performance of ‘If I Had My Time Again’ alongside Karl was sensational.

There were parts of the show, however, that did feel a little tired. I cringed at how much I despised the character of Phil Connors. The constant pestering to get in Rita’s pants was a hard watch but perhaps that was just a successful performance by Karl.

I was cheering Rita on as she slapped him in the face time and time again.

PHOTO: Jeff Busby

I did feel as if Phil Connors’s character development was a little rushed as it was all squished into the second act. At intermission, I was wondering when Phil would turn out to be a nice guy.

As an avid romcom watcher, I would rather fall in love with the characters and feel that slow burn. Whereas with Phil and Rita, I feel like I blinked and they were in bed together.

Aside from my nitpicking, this show is a standout comedy. The laughs are non-stop. Minchin’s lyrics are quick and hysterical as expected. I haven’t laughed so much since, I don’t know when!

Andy Karl was incredible. I only needed one of his perfectly timed facial expressions to send me into a fit of giggles.

But the real highlight of the show for me was ‘Nobody Cares’ with Conor Neylon as Gus and Connor Sweeney as Ralph. I was in stitches over these two!

Their small town Punxsatawny accents were amusing and just completely unbelievable. Plus, the clever use of set design was an intelligent choice that made for priceless viewing.

I could continue to give Groundhog Day the Musical glowing compliments, but I’d hate to start feeling… repetitive!

Please do yourself a favour and see this hilarious, not-so once in a lifetime show.

Groundhog Day the Musical is playing exclusively in Australia at the Princess Theatre, with tickets available at

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